New York


Over the past couple of years, many people have been reaching out about the project. Asking things like: What type of ink do you use? Have you ever been arrested?, What’s your favorite city for manhole covers? How have you not gotten run over by now? Some even say “How much for an original?” That’s …

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Troy Street Print


“Empire Foundry Co. Troy NY” Troy, NY May 2018 I really didn’t know anything about the Capital District of New York state before this year. It’s the metropolitan area surrounding Albany including a bunch of cities like Schenectady (the reason I was there), Sarasota Springs, Colonie, Rotterdam, and Troy – where I was lucky enough …

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Parks and Rec

“City of New York Parks and Recreation” Battery Park, Manhattan November 2015 HUGE shout out to one of my OG IG friends and favorites… @insta_twit_manholes for leading me to this New York Parks and Recreation cover. I saw it on her feed and sent a message while on the way to NYC from Philly. She …

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NYC Sewer

“NYC Sewer” Manhattan, New York City November 2014  


Early on, I’d work in the cover of darkness. I’d spend days doing recon, taking photos of the covers, the cross street signs or some kind of visual reminder, and sometimes I’d even write it down. Like a true non-tech in a tech world, I didn’t have or never thought of setting my location services. I …

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“BS” Brooklyn, NY November 2014 Original Artwork made directly from a utility cover in NYC, NY.