Parks and Rec

"City of New York Parks and Recreation"
Battery Park, Manhattan
November 2015

HUGE shout out to one of my OG IG friends and favorites... @insta_twit_manholes for leading me to this New York Parks and Recreation cover. I saw it on her feed and sent a message while on the way to NYC from Philly. She didn't have the exact location, but pointed me to Battery Park which is at the southern tip of Manhattan. Paid almost $50 to park, grabbed the supplies, walked what felt like 25 blocks, and made my way to an entrance. I didn't realize the park was 25 acres. I guess I thought I would walk in and find it right away - and I guessed right! Within 5 minutes I was sweeping and brainstorming colors.

NYC street print

It was right next to a construction site, and by that time, about 15 guys were gathered around eating lunch. I've heard a bunch of manhole jokes in my day, but never got hit with a this kind of barrage. "Anyone ever ask if you're into manholes?" "How many manholes have you seen?" "Ever print your own manhole?"
It was harmless, entertaining, and made for the true New York experience.
Thanks again my friend!