Early on, I'd work in the cover of darkness. I'd spend days doing recon, taking photos of the covers, the cross street signs or some kind of visual reminder, and sometimes I'd even write it down. Like a true non-tech in a tech world, I didn't have or never thought of setting my location services. I have since spent hours in cities (on Google Earth) trying to retrace my steps

It's funny now as most of these designs are ALL over the city. I didn't actually have to drive back to midtown (from Philly), get that $100 parking ticket, then wait until midnight to start printing. It was cool though... I got some quality time with my brother, took him on an all-night print mission, saw the sunrise, and made it back to Pennsylvania before noon the next day with my first NYC print.

Manhattan DPW
November, 2014

Manhattan DPW

Original Artwork made directly from a utility cover in NYC, NY.