Trenton Sewer Utility

New Jersey is a great state. Within an hour you can be on the beach, crossing the bridge to New York or Philly, picking ripe produce, or exploring the state capital – Trenton.

We spent the early morning pulling some prints in Princeton and then headed to Trenton. Even thought they are less than 10 miles away, they are 2 completely different cities. Princeton is old money with huge Victorian mansions and a trendy downtown. Trenton has character, history, and real life.


By this time it was 9 AM on a Saturday morning. My brother scoped this spot out weeks ago in the main part of downtown in front of a TMobile store and across the street from a Jamaican Jerk spot. Again we double parked the car and started to set up. A plain clothes officer parked behind us and watched as we prepared the ink, rollers, and brushes.

Trenton Streetprint

As we rolled the ink on, a guys stepped out of T-Mobile and yelled “Hey you should do that in Mets colors.” Thought about it for a minute then decided to use the NJ state flag colors instead. Cars, buses, and the officer drove by as we finished this one up. Cleaned up, loaded the car, and felt a great sense of Jersey pride in a city that really needs some. Hopefully we pay that forward some day.


Original Artwork made directly from a utility cover in Trenton, NJ.