The Detroit Edison Co.

"The Detroit Edison Co."
Detroit, MI
June 2016

While waiting to have some canvas stretched outside of Flint, we decided to steer the print mission towards the Motor City. Passing by the exit for 8 Mile headed downtown and actually listening to some old Em at 4:30 PM on a Thursday, one would expect heavy traffic… or at least some traffic. 


The city is full of beautiful architecture, huge world-class and  historical buildings, but yet the streets seemed empty. You can stand there and imagine what it looked like in the 50s or 60’s when industry, nightlife, and the entire city was booming. Detroit is on a comeback - you can sense great pride from the locals and it was nice to see development and positive work being put in.

After getting two hours of sleep and driving six from Chicago, the logical thing to do at 11 PM is go find some manhole covers. Picked up my buddy Nick and found this beauty in the East Market area close to downtown. Nothing like manhole cover prints on a quiet street in a strange city at midnight.