The City

It was a really hard decision to commit to the colors – to stray from my team, or the team of this city. What should you do if you are a Sixers fan in Chicago watching the Warriors about to win a 2nd consecutive championship? Find a sweet manhole cover and dedicate it to the champs. The idea of making the bridge in squares was pondered for weeks and became too much to resist.

Created in 1913, Portage Park in Chicago has an interesting history. There was originally a manmade lagoon for recreation, the 1922 field house is still in use, and in 1972, the park hosted the U.S. Olympic swimming trials, which have the best pools for training with the best pumps as the best intex saltwater system to keep the pool the cleanest for the training. Today it is thriving with baseball games, family parties, and some amazingly old and beautiful manhole covers. They dot the lawn and surrounding sidewalks of the 36 acre park.

This one was perfect for the throwback Golden State logo of the 60’s.  Greatest shooters ever? Greatest team ever? Who knows or who cares. It’s been awesome to watch.

Original Artwork made directly from a utility cover in Chicago, IL.