Rain Drain

Seattle WA
March 2017

It's always great to get a message from an old friend when you happen to be a few blocks from each other. It had been a while since I saw Nick and after a quick phone call, we were standing on the corner of 2nd and Bell Streets deciding how to paint and print a cover in the rain.

After using a few scrap towels to remove the puddles and stashing the rest of the supplies under a nearby awning, we devised the plan. Choose and mix the colors, dry the cover again, try to cover it with the umbrella, paint it quickly, lay down a mask, and pull the print. Somewhere along the lines, Nick suggested to paint a few of the squares a different color and possibly make it look like raindrops.

This was the first time trying to make a print in the rain and it came out super clean. The raindrop idea was brilliant and it could not have come out any better than it did.