About the Artwork

mirror2The original artwork is block ink and mixed media on raw, unprimed canvas pulled directly from the street and average between 28 – 42 inches square. Since we are using functional objects as our plates, The text reads backwards. We do offer the option to reverse the artwork so the text reads left to right.

We take high resolution XX mpx professional shots of each piece and then position strategically. They are printed on Hahnemuhle Etching Paper using Archival Pigment Inks that beautifully portray the texture and colors of the original work.


shop-25“The Northeast”

The first in a regional series of 4, “The Northeast” is a set of 25 unique pieces created in 2015 between Portland, ME and Alexandria, VA. It includes art from over 10 cities along with a legend and general locations of each.

This is a limited edition run of 50 total prints.

18″ x 18″


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shop-single2Single Artwork Prints

All artwork is available in single archival pigment prints. Each is numbered, signed, and comes with a photo of the original plate it was pulled from. With almost 100 different prints from 30+ cities, you have options!

12″ x 12″ – $65
18″ x 18″ – $105
24″ x 24″ – $140

Search the gallery for the pieces you’re interested in. Then go old school and give us a call, or email.




shop-9Design Your Own

This is the way to make your print a one of a kind, custom piece of artwork. You choose 4 or 9 of your favorite from our gallery, and we send you a customized, archival pigment print.

12″ x 12″ – $85
18″ x 18″ – $125

If you’re interested in this, please call!
We’d love to hear from you.




Some original artwork on canvas is for sale. Contact us for availability and pricing.

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