Flint Water 1

Spending years on a manhole hunt across the country, you start to appreciate our intricate, massive, and presumably indestructible infrastructure. Most of the prints are created from sewer or water covers and many are over 100 years old. We can admire the beauty of their exterior designs but have no clue what’s happening below. Like most American’s, I …

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Seattle Spring

Seattle Spring is a composition of six prints pulled directly from utility covers in the city of Seattle. The idea was to bring life to normally overlooked and dull objects by painting them in bright, bold colors. The final mono print measures 66 x 92″ and was displayed at Founders Brewing during ArtPrize 10 in …

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Indy Street Print

I started the morning after visiting Founders in Grand Rapids I used the farms, fields, and landscape as the inspiration for my color palette. Layer 1: “New Telephone Co. Made by Cleaveland Fence Co.” Found in the Herron Morton Historic District in an alley behind an old iron foundry technical school. Layer 2: “C.G. Foundry and Pattern …

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Under the L

“Under the L” is an amalgam of ten utility cover prints made under and around the Chicago Transit L tracks. Each print represents the specific line by corresponding colors and location.  Original Artwork made directly from utility covers in Chicago, IL.

Hartman Foundry

I made a single print of this cover the first time I came to Grand Rapids. I went back to this same location in July where there are three covers in a row each with their own unique nuances, but all using the same markings. The story behind this particular foundry and design is awesome! …

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