Interview with iPaintMyMind

Storm Print City turns printmaking into a public act of art, at once preserving history, making art, and serving as a beacon of curiosity for any passerby. Once a dear-friend clued me in to the work of Russell Muits, it resonated with so clearly.

Chicago Street Iron

“Chicago Street Iron” is a composition of nine street prints made around the city of Chicago during the Spring of 2018. It includes antique, unique, and common covers in the neighborhoods of Wicker Park, Bucktown, Irving Park, Lincoln Square, Logan Square, and downtown. I started out by taking photos of the specific covers I wanted …

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Seattle Squared

I first saw the square Water Meter a few years ago while exploring Capital Hill in Seattle. W.M. is actually my brother’s initials and I knew I would go back and print it someday. Fast forward three years and I’m back in Seattle hanging with none other than big bro. We stumbled across the square …

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Richard’s Corner

I’ve made a few prints of this cover in Bucktown, Chicago. I believe it’s an old coal hole cover dating back to the late 1800s to early 1900s and it reads “Richards & Kelly Co. Chicago, Illinois.” The small circles would have been glass inserts allowing the light to shine down into the basement when …

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Flint Water 1

Spending years on a manhole hunt across the country, you start to appreciate our intricate, massive, and presumably indestructible infrastructure. Most of the prints are created from sewer or water covers and many are over 100 years old. We can admire the beauty of their exterior designs but have no clue what’s happening below. Like most American’s, I …

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