Olympia Green

“Storm and Surface Water – Olympia, WA – Made in USA”

The State Capital – 32×32″

My buddy Nathan and I left Seattle for Portland looking for some unique covers and ended up hitting traffic around Tacoma. We decided to head towards the state capital – Olympia. It’s a small city at the lower end of the Puget Sound. After grabbing a bite to eat, and doing some recon, we ended up at a harbor park by the bay. It started out with 2 transients arguing about Facebook comments (who had more likes) and who was going to carry the bags. We found the perfect spot right in the middle of the boardwalk – it was 2 PM and a few people were around. We use non-toxic water soluable inks so the plan was to get a few prints, then clean up – like usual. Pulled one and walked it to the car to dry. Pulled the second one and headed to the car – leaving the ink and rollers for the next trip. All of a sudden we hear “Some mother fers painted this up and left it here.”

We turn around and see a toddler basically standing on top of the cover with a roller in hand and covered in ink. This never happened before… We made a game time decision, hopped in the car, and left. It was unfortunate we had to leave the supplies behind and very unfortunate this mother thought his clothes were completely ruined. We felt bad for a few minutes, but felt comfort in knowing the ink would wash right out when they got home. We rented a car, bought/left supplies, and drove around for 6 hours…. all for 2 prints and a great story. Was well worth it!

Original Artwork made directly from a utility cover in Olympia, WA.

Olympia Streetprint Green