With only a few hours in Boston, we went straight to the "Cheers" block and picked a cover quickly.

The only thing I knew about Boston at this point was my grandmother's favorite team. During the playoffs, she would call and place $2 to $5 bets on the Celtics with the kids. I don't know if that's why I love basketball or the occasional poker game is tempting. I do know we were probably too young to be gambling, and she definitely paid up even if the Celtics lost.

My other grandmother used to hang at the South Street Diner in Philadelphia. I kept looking towards these windows as if she was inside. It was a great place to grab a bite and regroup.

Running on fumes by the time, but Cheers was my Father's favorite (and only) show.

Wasn't leaving without this print.

"Boston Sewer. Made in India."
Boston, MA
September 2015