Interview with iPaintMyMind

March 16, 2020

"Storm Print City turns printmaking into a public act of art, at once preserving history, making art, and serving as a beacon of curiosity for any passerby. Once a dear-friend clued me into the work of Russell Muits, it resonated with so clearly.

Accessible, beautiful, simple, concise. His vision is clear and the world is fuel as he adds locations to his roster, making relief prints in public and adapting technique in a way that turns the art into a vehicle for dialogue and engagement, because he’s printing out on the street, but also shows us that art is lurking around every corner just waiting to be envisioned.

As IPaintMyMind earmarks Storm Print City’s prolific relief print output for our permanent collection, we’re thrilled to look behind the curtain into Russell’s trajectory, process, and inspiration."