Indy Street Print

I started the morning after visiting Founders in Grand Rapids

I used the farms, fields, and landscape as the inspiration for my color palette.

Layer 1: "New Telephone Co. Made by Cleaveland Fence Co."

Found in the Herron Morton Historic District in an alley behind an old iron foundry technical school.

Indy Street Print

Layer 2: "C.G. Foundry and Pattern Wks. Indianapolis"

Huge cover in downtown Indianapolis.

Layer 3: The text was eligible but I did make out "Ind" in the center.

Thought long and hard about stopping here.

Came back months later and found this. I had met a traffic control worker who said he had been lifting these covers for the past 20 years andnever saw this design.

indy street print

Then I experimented with colors and ended up with this.

The color palette for the final layer.

Classic Indiana: "The Ford Water Meter Box Co. Wabash, Indiana"

Detail: "Pat. No. 1923481. FORD M.F.CO. WABASH"

Original Artwork made directly from utility covers in Indianapolis, IN.