Founders Brewing

Installation at Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids, MI as part of Art Prize 2018.

40+ single prints and 6 large, multi-layered prints were hung from rafters in their tap room. Each piece of canvas was trimmed, loops were sewn at the tops and bottoms, and piping was inserted to create tapestry-like banners.

Fishing line spinners were added to a number of the larger pieces allowing them to slowly turn in the space. They were placed in front of lighting so the print could be seen through the back of the canvas.

The installation was up for all 3 weeks of Art Prize. Founders Brewing purchased 2 large stretched pieces that currently hang inside their tap room.

Part of the submission was to create a multi-layered print from covers found in Grand Rapids during Art Prize. The piece was planned, created, and displayed before the final weekend.

See the final piece here.

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