Ford Water Meter

This was a fun one. Found it walking around town on a Sunday morning and had to go back. Reads “Ford Water Meter Box Co., Wabash IN”

We went on a Sunday night and pulled a few shirts. Then went back two days later for the print on canvas. A lady in a moo moo came out of a nearby retirement home and said “I’m just being nosy.” I told her we are working on an art project and we would leave it how we found it. She then said she was going to call the cops the other night. I replied “Glad you didn’t, but they wouldn’t care.” She was interested in the prints and hung around for a while smoking cigarettes. She wished us look and hobbled back inside. Had a lot of fun with circles and the yellow highlights. We will be going back soon.



Original Artwork made directly from a utility cover in West Chester, PA.