Etheridge Foundry

Started out the day packing and putting the final touches on the print mobile before the 8 hour drive north. After stopping for gas twice and making it through New York City at the perfect time, we rolled across the Maine state line around 6 pm.  Checked into a sweet Portland hostel where we had the only room with no windows right next to the coffee station in the lobby. We were excited to see the city, try one of those lobster rolls, and scope out the streets. After a couple local brews, we stumbled upon this beauty in the heart of downtown.

It was a Thursday, around midnight, and pretty quiet. Pulled the car up and went to work just down the block from a jazz restaurant. There was a drum set and possibly guitars sitting outside. A few police drove by and ignored the crazy people covered in ink. We did meet a fan – a local transient – who asked us if we left our instruments on the corner. Never been mistaken for a rock star, but it did feel pretty good. 12 hours after leaving South Jersey, we got back to the dark, sweaty room and basked in pure satisfaction. Perfect start to a long journey.

Original Artwork made directly from a utility cover in Portland, ME.