Atlantic City Electric

My dad was born and raised in Atlantic City and I was so happy to spend the morning with him pulling a few prints. We started off on Missouri and Pacific Avenue right in front of Caesar’s which is the main intersection in the city. We drove around for about an hour looking for interesting covers and a little less busy location. The first one we saw seemed the best and said “F it lets just do it” Double parked on Missouri Ave and went to work.  AC, like many east coast cities, has an epidemic of people stealing the covers for scrap. There were also a series of covers that exploded this past year. No one messed with us, but there was a ton of foot/car traffic and we had a number of curious onlookers who probably thought we were nuts…. Pulled the print, cleaned up, and headed for the next one.

I listened to stories from his childhood and came home with cherished relics taken blocks from the bakery he worked at as a kid, the first bar he drank in, and the school he graduated from. Had a coffee on the boardwalk and dropped $20 each into the Wheel of Fortune. What a great morning.

Original Artwork made directly from a utility cover in Atlantic City, NJ.