Art Prize 2018

Grand Rapids, MI
September 19 – October 7, 2018

Storm Print City is the printing obsession of Artist Russell Muits. Using block-ink, raw canvas, and thousands of driving miles, Mr. Muits has created a nation-spanning collection of beautifully colored prints taken directly from the streets of the towns and cities visited in his travels.

Often overlooked and forgotten, these sewer lids, storm grates, manhole covers, and other bits of street metal are some of our oldest and most varied urban relics, and they each offer unique stories of history, industry, the arts, and the utilities that make modern life possible.

Hung together at Founder’s Brewing for ArtPrize 10, this installation of prints is a journey through the backstreets, sidewalks, and alleyways of our nation in a spectacular array of color and texture. Throughout the duration of ArtPrize, prints from utility covers in Grand Rapids will be created and displayed.

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