15 Cent

This is a personal favorite. If you are from Seattle and have ever hung out in Chinatown, you probably know Jerry (15 cent). He is a local guy who hangs outside Bush Garden and Purple Dot singing his classic “15 cent will help me buy a sandwich” and “My Cherie Amour” for change. He is a great guy and we became friends over the years. I enticed him with a 6 pack and dinnerto help me for the day – he was somewhat insulted and said he was volunteering. We pulled prints around Pioneer Square on a Sunday morning and this is one.

Seattle Streetprint

It was great spending time and getting to know Jerry. Haven’t seen him in a while, but often wonder how he is doing. If you see him around, tell him I said hello and you saw his work on the world wide web.

I found this video from 2010, around the same time we made this print.