Lincoln Park Service

As American cities slowly grew over the 20th Century they incorporated whole townships that had at one time been more independent. In the streets this can be seen in the old covers of forgotten utility companies, such as this cover from the Lincoln Park Service Electric Company. Tracking down information about the utility company’s history …

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Metro Sun

“Hey, wanna paint a hatch cover at sunrise tomorrow?” It’s a question I’ve asked a bunch of times over the years which is usually answered with a laugh or “You’re nuts.” It’s been too long since I hung out with Adam and some quality time was much overdue. He agreed to meet on Alki Beach …

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Henry J Hartman

I didn’t know anything about Grand Rapids before heading into town a few months ago to check out some spaces. I had spent the whole first day on the hunt – walking, driving, circling blocks and searching alleys while finding a few promising chunks of iron. I went out the next morning with a plan …

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Richard’s Corner – Blue

I’ve made a few prints of this particular cover in Bucktown, a neighborhood in Chicago. I believe it’s an old coal hole cover dating back to the early 1900s and it reads “Richards & Kelly Co. Chicago, Illinois.” The small circles would have been glass inserts allowing the light to shine down into the basement …

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It’s not a “manhole” cover.

I’ve spent years seeking out historic, symbolic, and ornate “manhole covers” and have been calling these chunks of metal just that. If you search online, you’ll see the majority of people using that same term for any piece of iron that covers the human entrances to our underground utilities. I’ve always wondered if the gender-based description was ever questioned.