Alarm System

  “Police & Fire Call Box” Milwaukee, WI March 2018 Back to ArtPrize


If you grew up skateboarding in the 90s, you knew about LOVE Park. Nestled just below the shadows of city hall, “JFK Plaza” was coated in smooth, hard, and almost dream-like marble slabs. From the ground to the benches and around the fountain, EVERYTHING was skateable and grindable. Starting in the 80s and into the …

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Jimmy Ogle

“PTC Co Memphis” Memphis, TN April 2015 A few of us took a road trip from Philly to DC, Atlanta to Birmingham, then a few days rest in New Orleans — making prints the whole way. The next plan was to drive straight to Nashville where we had a place to stay that night. I checked …

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Ferry Building

“yaydya” San Francisco, CA July 2014 Back to ArtPrize


“Neenah Foundry” Lake Geneva, WI July 2017 Back to ArtPrize