If you grew up skateboarding in the 90s, you knew about LOVE Park. Nestled just below the shadows of city hall, “JFK Plaza” was coated in smooth, hard, and almost dream-like marble slabs. From the ground to the benches and around the fountain, EVERYTHING was skateable and grindable. Starting in the 80s and into the …

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Jimmy Ogle

“PTC Co Memphis” Memphis, TN April 2015 A few of us took a road trip from Philly to DC, Atlanta to Birmingham, then a few days rest in New Orleans — making prints the whole way. The next plan was to drive straight to Nashville where we had a place to stay that night. I checked …

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Ferry Building

San Francisco, CA July 2014


“Neenah Foundry” Lake Geneva, WI July 2017

Byram Foundry

How it went down. Indianapolis, IN November 2017

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