“SF Cali” 32×32″ Tribute to the Giants Original Artwork made directly from a utility cover in San Francisco, CA.  

Death Starr

Spent the first night walking around the Sunset Neighborhood with a storage bin lid as a palette with rollers and piles of ink – definitely not looking shady. The rest of the time – it was awesome getting to ride around San Fran with the boys in the pimped out Mazda minvan driven one handed …

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Triple Layer

We went back to the same spot 3 times for this piece while letting the ink dry and set in between trips. The plan was to create a pattern with the circles. Finished it off with a few brush strokes and a touch of yellow. Original Artwork made directly from a utility cover in West …

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4th of July

  “City Inlet No. 2  Clarks Iron FDY Phila”  West Chester, PA July 4, 2015

Ford Water Meter

This was a fun one. Found it walking around town on a Sunday morning and had to go back. Reads “Ford Water Meter Box Co., Wabash IN” We went on a Sunday night and pulled a few shirts. Then went back two days later for the print on canvas. A lady in a moo moo …

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