7 unique prints from antique iron covers on one canvas including phone, electric, gas, and water covers designed and produced in Philadelphia over the past 100 years. When I first started this piece it was 5 degrees out and the ink and brushes were actually freezing as I painted. When I finished, it was 95 degrees …

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Chicago Water System

The Chicago water system played an important role in the city’s history and the development of the infrastructure. If you take a look down while you’re waking, you’ll see the different styles, patterns, and fonts used over the past century. Some are square, most are round, a few are rectangles. There are meter covers, hatch covers, …

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Sharing the Joy

Over the past couple of years, many people have been reaching out about the project. Asking things like: What type of ink do you use? Have you ever been arrested?, What’s your favorite city for manhole covers? How have you not gotten run over by now? Some even say “How much for an original?” That’s …

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Clark’s Foundry

When I made my first print and started this journey, I would have never imagined where it would take me. It’s been almost 11 years since that night and I’ve managed to explore countless cities, alleys, streets, and neighborhoods with limited time, finances, and resources. I’ve captured antique, ornate, and iconic covers in cities and …

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Empire Foundry

Troy Street Print

“Empire Foundry Co. Troy NY” Troy, NY May 2018 I really didn’t know anything about the Capital District of New York state before this year. It’s the metropolitan area surrounding Albany including a bunch of cities like Schenectady (the reason I was there), Sarasota Springs, Colonie, Rotterdam, and Troy – where I was lucky enough …

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