34th Street

We searched high and low and all day long throughout Louisville for this ornate cast iron coal cover. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Kentucky predominantly relied on coal to heat Louisville businesses and factories. Using carts or wagons, workmen would deliver the coal by stopping in front of businesses to remove the coal hole covers from sidewalks and shovel the coal into chutes. The coal would fall into a bin near business furnaces where they would shovel coal into the furnace as needed.

Although no longer in use, you can find some of these old covers embedded in Louisville’s older commercial districts. This is one of 3 that were done that day. They were lined up in a row. Felt like we discovered the Mecca of antique storm drain covers. All were beautifully designed and all were unique. Hard to believe that they often go unnoticed. So glad we didn’t give up on our search.

Original Artwork is ink on canvas.

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