Rain Drain

It’s always great to get a message from an old friend when you happen to be a few blocks from each other. We’ve been trying to get together for the last couple of months so the timing could not have been any more perfect. Nick walked up as I was getting ready to mix up some ink for a specific design I’d been eyeing up. And then it starts to rain – more great timing. We stood there deciding if we should ride it out or call it a day, but then saw this “DRAIN” cover across the street. It happened to be another on the list and already decided to leave the D off and make it read “RAIN”. It is Seattle we are talking about.

After using a few of the hotel towels to soak up the rain and stashing the rest of the supplies under a nearby awning, we devised the plan. Choose and mix the colors, dry the cover again, paint it quickly, lay down a mask, and pull the print. Somewhere along the lines, Nick suggested to paint a few of the squares a different color and possibly make it look like raindrops.

This was the first time trying to make a print in the rain and the execution was flawless. The sun set as we painted, masked, and pulled this print. The rain drop idea was genius and it could not have come out any better than it did. The anticipation before pulling it off of the street and the pure joy of seeing the result was magnificent.

Even better… seeing an old friend doing really well for himself, and picking things up right where they left off. There are definitely more print missions on the horizon.

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