ME T&T Co.

Enjoyed the first night of local brews and downtown exploring. Woke up to complete darkness and the sound of coffee chatter outside the door. No windows in the room so it was somewhat of a time warp. beautiful weather the next morning so we head towards the old part of the center.

The city slogan in 2013 was – and still may/should be – “Portland, Maine. Yes. Life’s good here.” Sure seemed like it.
We are drawn to a shop with some unique artisan shirts hanging in the window – great variety of art and a store that happens to be the #1 eco friendly printer in Maine – Liberty Graphics. We get to talking with the shop keeper, fellow artist and and very interesting lady.

“We’re looking for some manholes. Happen to know where any are?”

Like a sign from above she says, “well of course I do.”

Beverly proceeds to open her phone and show us photos she took while walking the neighborhoods. It was so great to meet another manhole cover lover in such a random way. She directed us towards this specific cover, and even showed the cross streets on a map. Simply amazing – one of many motivational moments along the way.


Original Artwork is ink on canvas.




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