4th of July

“City Inlet No. 2 – Clarks Iron FDY Phila”

Went out on a solo run this morning to celebrate the 4th of July. Woke up at 6 AM and felt grateful to live in a country where I could pretty much do whatever I wanted today. Found this awesome drain a few weeks ago and had to get a print. Since it was in the shape of a flag, why not be patriotic and make it red and blue? Wanted to leave it on to brighten the street for the holiday, but cleaned it up.

Later this morning I met a Vietnam Vet POW for a few moments. He had an awesome hand carved walking stick with medals nailed (or glued) into it. We talked for a bit, I said we are very grateful. I went out today with a strip of canvas and 2 empty jars of ink and came home with this. Felt pretty free.





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