• big-chi-common
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  • big-sf-cistern
    SFFD Cistern

    A friend from Chicago who has been with the Fire Department for the past 25 years told me about the old cisterns and how there might be some unique manhole covers on them. Cisterns were used in the early 1900s to store water for fire departments and were placed strategically in neighborhoods throughout the city. They […]

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  • big-sf-water
    Golden Gate Meter Box

    San Francisco Golden Gate Meter Box Water Department 26 x 36

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  • big-davis-city
    City of Davis
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  • big-davis-color
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  • big-sac-berrys
    Berry’s Foundry
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  • big-sac-colors
    Property Of
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  • big-oakland
    Phoenix Iron Works
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  • big-oakland-burts
    GWP Co.
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  • big-detrpit-waterworks
    Detroit Water Works

    While waiting to have some canvas stretched outside of Flint, we decided to steer the print mission towards the Motor City. Passing by the exit for 8 Mile headed downtown and actually listening to some old Em at 4:30 PM on a Thursday, one would expect heavy traffic… or at least some traffic.  The city […]

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  • big-detroit-edison
    The Detroit Edison Co.

    While waiting to have some canvas stretched outside of Flint, we decided to steer the print mission towards the Motor City. Passing by the exit for 8 Mile headed downtown and actually listening to some old Em at 4:30 PM on a Thursday, one would expect heavy traffic… or at least some traffic.  The city […]

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  • big-detroit-water-supply
    Water Supply Gate Dept.

    First cover in Detroit!    

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  • big-flint-red
    Flint Red
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  • big-flint-blue
    Flint Blue
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  • big-pi-flag
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  • big-pi-black
    Makati Foundry
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  • big-chi-pride
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  • big-flint-gold
    Water Div
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  • big-chi-portage
    Portage Park

    Found this beauty in Portage Park on Memorial Day.

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  • big-city
    The City

    It was a really hard decision to commit to the colors – to stray from my team, or the team of this city. What should you do if you are a Sixers fan in Chicago watching the Warriors about to win a 2nd consecutive championship? Find a sweet manhole cover and dedicate it to the champs. The idea of […]

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  • big-stoneharbor
    Stone Harbor
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  • big-wildwood
    Wildwood Crest
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  • big-avalon
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  • big-seaisle
    Sea Isle City
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  • big-longport
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  • big-ocean-city-2
    Ocean City
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  • big-cape-may
    Cape May
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  • big-chi-cubs2
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  • big-chi-cubs-1
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  • big-philly-steam-2
    Steam 2
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  • big-charleston
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  • big-nola-pelican
    State Bird
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  • big-florida-beach
    24th Street

    Growing up, the annual summer vacation was the drive down to Grandpop’s house in New Smyrna Beach. I vaguely remember early years with my brother in a car seat and one of us vomiting for half of the 20 hour trip. At the time, there were a few houses on his street, hardly any traffic, […]

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  • big-nashville-color
    Ryman Alley
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  • big-nashville-black
    Ryman Alley
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  • big-jackson
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  • big-nola-crescent
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  • big-nola
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  • big-philly-simon
    Simon Scully
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  • big-newsmryna-2
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  • big-alabama
    Jefferson County

    Until we looked to the left about half way from Atlanta to Birmingham, I thought Talladega was the fictional home of Ricky Bobby. Just kept thinking “no rain, please no rain.” It was way too long of a drive to not get a print. As soon we passed the speedway, the sun came out along […]

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  • big-atlanta

    After cruising through the Northeastern states this past year, we completely underestimated the size of the South. A twelve hour drive from DC with a somewhat wasted print attempt in Raleigh, one sick passenger, and rain on the way made for a great first and only night in Atlanta. Started the hunt early the next morning […]

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  • big-dcnavyyard
    The Yards

    With a long trip ahead and a few DC prints under the belt, the thought of sleeping in was tempting, but midnight google searches for manhole covers had the alarm set at 4:45. A blogger’s directions said to head towards New Jersey and L Streets down in the old Navy Yard. It’s now called “The Yards” with construction booming, the […]

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  • big-ny-parks
    NY Parks and Rec

    With a specific sewer cover in mind and no public parking in site, searching Battery Park seemed like it would be a daunting task. We circled the park for about an hour and finally settled on the $30 garage. With canvas and supplies in tow, we did the strictly business speed walk for a couple of […]

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  • big-hoboken
    Hoboken 1956

    We searched all over Hoboken for a unique looking storm drain and finally found this one – right on a busy corner in downtown. It was a beautiful sunny day and the streets were crowded. Decided on the colors and mixed them to form a rich army green which looked awesome with the gold lettering. Had to […]

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  • big-jerseycity
    Jersey City

    Almost gave up after circling way too many blocks looking for this ornate cover. It was on the main drag, during rush hour, and next to a bus stop. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It was funny and fun to make this while groups of teenagers and other commuters stood by. Lots of onlookers […]

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  • big-navy

    Spent a Sunday morning at FDR skatepark in Philly and decided to drive through the old Navy Yard at the end of Broad Street. It’s not really old anymore. Developers transformed the abandoned grounds and turned it into a thriving business park with many well known corporate headquarters. Since it was Sunday, it was basically empty and we […]

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  • big-ss

    Kept driving around the Navy Yard in Philly trying to stay out of unmarked “no access” zones. We wanted to get as close to the ships as possible and, like clockwork, we find the “SS” right in front of an air craft carrier. It turned out to be the USS John F Kennedy christened on […]

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  • big-STEAM

    Found this cover near 21st and South Streets. It was very old and hard to get the ink to stick. We were really excited to see the outcome thinking it was going to read “Philadelphia MEATS” until we realized our spelling was not up to par.  

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  • big-chicago-cityelectric
    City Elec

    First night back in Chicago. It was great to be in the old neighborhood. Found this one in the middle of Lincoln Square.

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  • big-chicag-sanitary
    Sanitary District
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  • big-chicago-cww
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  • big-lousiville-15th
    34th Street

    We searched high and low and all day long throughout Louisville for this ornate cast iron coal cover. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Kentucky predominantly relied on coal to heat Louisville businesses and factories. Using carts or wagons, workmen would deliver the coal by stopping in front of businesses to remove the coal […]

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  • big-lousiville-snead

    Louisville Coal Hole Cover, 2 of 3 Founded in 1849 by the Snead family, Snead & Co. Iron Works manufactured decorative and architectural cast iron throughout Louisville. Many buildings throughout the city still display iron work by Snead & Co., particularly on Main Street. There are also a great amount of manhole covers that bear […]

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  • big-lousiville-school

    Louisville Coal Hole Cover, 3 of 3

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  • big-louisville-hoe
    Hoe of Kentucky

    Stopped in downtown Louisville to use the WiFi at Qdoba. Walked out and found this by the back door where a few employees were having a smoke break. They watched as we swept and started to ink the Kentucky blue. By the time we pulled the print and packed the car, the guys had called more […]

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  • big-milwaukee-communicate
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  • big-milwaukee-money
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  • big-indy-speedway
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  • big-indy-star
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  • big-indy-traffic

    First morning in Indy and ran into this. Never saw a cover with the word “traffic” on it before.

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  • big-columbus

    After a few hours of driving, decided to take a quick detour as we were in need of a major caffeine kick. Passed this one en route to a coffee shop in the Short North neighborhood. Ended up blocking an alley while inking the cover.  The coffee was great, but this was even better.

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  • big-pitt-light

    Pittsburgh has unique sewer covers that are designed so that the water drains in the pattern of the cover. This is one of them. Got hit in the face with street water while cleaning it off. Literally, right in the mouth.  So disgusting, but so worth it.

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  • big-pitt-steelers

    This was done right in front of Heinz Field. No one bothered us. What a beautiful day!

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  • big-dc
    DC 1894
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  • big-alex-blue
    Alexandria Water Co
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  • big-alex
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  • big-baltimore-fd
    Balto FD
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  • big-baltimore-o
    The Yard
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  • big-baltimore-BT
    BT. Co
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  • big-chi-flag2
    Chicago Pride
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  • big-ny-sewer
    NYC Sewer
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  • big-ny-manhattan
    Manhattan DPW
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  • big-ny-blue
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  • big-peco
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  • big-chicago-gold
    Gold Fish

    “Chicago Sewer – Dump no waste. Drains to Waterways” Found this particular piece a few years ago on Milwaukee Ave in Bucktown. After a few test prints over a couple of months, we pulled this one on a freezing cold November night. Finished it off with a beer at Estelle’s and moved on. If only […]

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  • big-newport
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  • large-nar
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  • large-prov
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  • big-providence-shell
    See Shell
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  • big-salem
    Tall Ship
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  • big-salem-electric
    It’s Electric
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  • big-portland-tandt
    Phone Home

    Enjoyed the first night of local brews and downtown exploring. Woke up to complete darkness and the sound of coffee chatter outside the door. No windows in the room so it was somewhat of a time warp. beautiful weather the next morning so we head towards the old part of the center. The city slogan […]

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  • big-portland-sewer
    Etheridge Foundry

    Started out the day packing and putting the final touches on the print mobile before the 8 hour drive north. After stopping for gas twice and making it through New York City at the perfect time, we rolled across the Maine state line around 6 pm.  Checked into a sweet Portland hostel where we had the […]

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  • big-boston-mit
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  • big-boston-brookline
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  • big-boston-sewer
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  • big-boston-cheers
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  • big-newark
    Lockhart Foundry
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  • big-westchester-danger
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  • big-westchester-storm
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  • big-camden
    Camden Public Service

    September 2015 – 32×32″ Growing up in South jersey, we used to watch the fireworks in Camden each year. There is a vibrant waterfront with museums, an aquarium, The Battleship New Jersey, and a great concert venue. Beyond the river banks is a desolate city labeled for years as America’s poorest and most dangerous. There […]

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  • big-camden-dot
    Camden DOT
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  • big-trenton
    Trenton Sewer Utility

    New Jersey is a great state. Within an hour you can be on the beach, crossing the bridge to New York or Philly, picking ripe produce, or exploring the state capital – Trenton. We spent the early morning pulling some prints in Princeton and then headed to Trenton. Even thought they are less than 10 […]

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  • big-princeton
    Princeton, NJ

    We started out the morning headed towards Newark. After hitting some traffic on the Turnpike, we decided to take a detour towards Princeton – a city we had not been to in decades. It’s a college town filled with mansions, estates, and a ton of money. We drove through a residential area a few blocks […]

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  • big-westchester-kross
    Kris Kross
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  • big-ace
    Atlantic City Electric

    38 x 38″ My dad was born and raised in Atlantic City and I was so happy to spend the morning with him pulling a few prints. We started off on Missouri and Pacific Avenue right in front of Caesar’s which is the main intersection in the city. We drove around for about an hour […]

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  • ACWD-large
    AC Water Department

    32 x 18″ My dad was born and raised in Atlantic City and I was so happy to spend the morning with him pulling a few prints. We started off on Missouri and Pacific Avenue right in front of Caesar’s, then found this one on Texas and the Boardwalk. I listened to stories from his […]

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  • w-large

    32×32 Ink on canvas For the UW peeps

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  • big-seattle-telephone
    Seattle Telephone

    “Telephone – India” 42×42″  

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  • big-seattle-light
    Seattle – City Light

    “City Light – Seattle, WA”

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  • big-seattle-gold
    Seattle Gold

    “Olympic FDY Co – Seattle, WA” 32×32″

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  • post-olympia-green
    Olympia Green

    “Storm and Surface Water – Olympia, WA – Made in USA” The State Capital – 32×32″ My buddy Nathan and I left Seattle for Portland looking for some unique covers and ended up hitting traffic around Tacoma. We decided to head towards the state capital – Olympia. It’s a small city at the lower end […]

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  • post-olympoia-brown
    Olympia Brown

    “Storm and Surface Water – Olympia, WA” The State Capital 32×32″

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  • sewer-post
    SF Sewer

    “SF Sewer – FDYR Made in USA” 34×34″

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  • big-sf-sf

    “SF Cali” 32×32″ Tribute to the Giants

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  • big-sanfran-death
    Death Starr

    Spent the first night walking around the Sunset Neighborhood with a storage bin lid as a palette with rollers and piles of ink – definitely not looking shady. The rest of the time – it was awesome getting to ride around San Fran with the boys in the pimped out Mazda minvan driven one handed […]

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  • large-layers
    Triple Layer

    We went back to the same spot 3 times for this piece while letting the ink dry and set in between trips. The plan was to create a pattern with the circles. Finished it off with a few brush strokes and a touch of yellow.

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  • inlet-big
    4th of July

    “City Inlet No. 2 – Clarks Iron FDY Phila” Went out on a solo run this morning to celebrate the 4th of July. Woke up at 6 AM and felt grateful to live in a country where I could pretty much do whatever I wanted today. Found this awesome drain a few weeks ago and […]

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  • big-ford
    Ford Water Meter

    This was a fun one. Found it walking around town on a Sunday morning and had to go back. Reads “Ford Water Meter Box Co., Wabash IN” We went on a Sunday night and pulled a few shirts. Then went back two days later for the print on canvas. A lady in a moo moo […]

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  • big-gas
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  • city-light-big
    City Light City Bright
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  • large-water
    15 Cent

    This is a personal favorite. If you are from Seattle and have ever hung out in Chinatown, you probably know Jerry (15 cent). He is a local guy who hangs outside Bush Garden and Purple Dot singing his classic “15 cent will help me buy a sandwich” and “My Cherie Amour” for change. He is […]

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  • chicago-electric-big
    Chicago Electric
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  • big-pville-color
    Phoenix Fire

    Made this one around midnight on a Tuesday. The colors and texture were enough to make sitting on the curb for two hours while waiting for the ink to dry well worth it. Good times.

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  • big-pville-brown
    The Phoenix
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  • big-pville-bright
    Bird on Fire

    Phoenixville, PA has some of the coolest covers I have seen so far. They have the phoenix in flames, Made in USA, and Established 1849. It is an old steel town and one of few in the country that actually poured their own manhole covers. Many of the originals are along the main strip in […]

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  • chi
    Wicker Park

    “Dump No Waste – Drains to Waterways”  

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  • large-seattle
    Downtown Seattle

    This is the first full cover I pulled a print off of and has been my inspiration from the start. It was originally designed by an artist named Anne Knight in the 1970’s. The city commissioned artists to design the covers and this is one of many that lay around downtown. The cover weights 230 […]

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  • chi-edison

    April, 2015 Found this one by accident on Wacker Drive in Downtown Chicago. Had to pull over and grab it. 28×32″

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  • big-philly-passyunk
    East Passyunk

    May, 2015 32 x 32″ Ink on canvas Once I heard about the covers that line East Passyunk Avenue in South Philly, I had to go. My buddy Tim came along for his first night mission and we pulled a few full covers and a few of the heads around 11 PM on a Friday […]

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  • big-milwaukee-black
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